Project Create

What Is Project Create?
Curt Mega, Warbler Nick from Glee, proposed a challenge: 30 days of creating from the world around us.

What is considered part of Project Create?
Any type of artistic talent. Anything from haikus to dancing to music to photography.

From the Official Tumblr Page:

Inspiration surrounds us. There is beauty to be found everywhere we walk, every moment of every day. So often, I let it just pass me by… but yesterday, I was hit by a thought. What if I made it a PRIORITY to go forth and create on a daily basis from the inspiration that surrounds me? What amazing discoveries could I make?
With this in mind, I am giving myself a new challenge and asking you to join me. For the next 30 days, I will push myself to CREATE something daily. Whether it’s a poem, or picture, or piece of writing or song, a short film, a voice over, a choreographed dance, or even a journal post…. anything.  I will not be a complacent artist but a proactive one.  I stretch my creative muscles no matter the circumstances of that day.
Will you join me??
More details to come! :)