Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Please Forgive Us

I hope that our readers will forgive us, because we have all been so terrible about posting lately. It's been a good month since any of us have posted (except Marissa! She's so good!) and I'm sure everyone has stopped checking out our page every day because they've given up hope for us. I totally get it, I'd get tired of waiting too. Personally, I am going to be trying really hard to post regularly. Not only on here, but on the other websites that I work on too ( http://shadowkissed.net , http://hogwartsradio.com , and just recently, as in today, http://hunger-games.net ). I have been a slacker far too long, and I want to get involved again. I miss this. So be expecting weekly posts from me again.

So now to writing. Today, in my English class, we were going over essays that we wrote a month or so ago, and the teacher was asking for people to volunteer their paper to be shown on the board as an example of how to edit our papers to a "publishable draft" as our teacher calls it. So, being the good student I am, I volunteered mine for everyone to look at, thinking "Oh, so what if they see how horribly I did on my paper," (I didn't ever finish reading the book that we were supposed to, so I assumed that I did horribly on the paper). So the teacher pulls up my paper, scrolls through it and there are no errors in my paper. Not a single one. I was shocked. It was a pleasant surprise, and it makes me have more confidence in my writing, but I am still a very self-conscious writer. I am always wondering if what I've written is good enough, or if people'll like it. That it another thing that I want to start working on though: having more faith in my writing, and not caring whether others like it or not. My writing should make me happy, no matter how good or bad it is.

I'll be back on Friday with my regularly scheduled post for everyone :)

My Author: Cory Doctorow

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Handful of Randoms

So I have been feeling absolutely awful lately about not being able to post. Well I've just been feeling awful in general, but I digress. I finally got a few moments to myself on an actual computer (not a smart phone) and I come here to see that it's been WEEKS since anyone has posted. WEEKS! And here I was thinking I was letting my gurrrls down when we have all be absent. For. Shame.

I have been working my tail off in school and living on someone couch for the past 3 weeks since moving to Harrison. My life has been absolutely crazy ridiculous. Wedding, school, moving, and I know you are all completely tired of me ranting on about it. But you talk about your life and that is mine right now. So there is my apology. As 10 would say, "I'm Sorry. I'm so sorry."

Also, in case you haven't heard,


Yes yes we are ALL very very excited. You can get all the details available here at her new site. However, in all this excitement, I am slightly sad. I may be the only one but I would like to know where her old site went? It was beautiful! This one just does not remind me of her style at all. Yes there are the scribbles and such but I want the desk and the locked door and the barking dogs back!

Finally, I have actually written a little in my own story. I think I may have written the end. I don't know if I have mentioned it but I want it to be a four book series. This may be the end of the fourth book. Or possibly the third but if that is the case then I have a lot to work around for the fourth. There is much much editing to be done however. Nothing is ever perfect the first time. So on with the editing.

And lastly (because I lied when I said finally), I have been listening to a new hilarious and thought provoking podcast about books! You can enjoy it here. Rider Strong is one of the hosts so don't be shocked to hear Shawn Hunter's dulcet tones coming through your speakers. It is a delight.

Have a wonderful rest of the month and I will see you all again after finals when I will finally FINALLY be able to take a breath again.

Author: Cory Doctorow