Monday, July 23, 2012

Sorry for being MIA

I really wish that I could have been posting for the last 3+ weeks. I really do. I love blogging, I love my gurrrls, and I love being able to share a bit of my life with anyone who happens to read this blog. But I think I have a valid reason for not being able to post... I was having a once in a lifetime experience in Europe! Yes, it was rainy. Yes, I was busy all day every day, and got little to no sleep. But I had a BLAST!

It started out on July 2nd. I boarded a flight on British Airways from LAX to Heathrow Airport in London. Although it was a 10 hour flight, it seemed to fly by (pun intended) because it was a really nice plane. Everyone had their own television screen and could choose what they wanted to do with it. There was TV, movies, music, and games. I watched 5 movies on the flight when I should have been sleeping, but I enjoyed myself. Then, once we finally landed (on the morning of July 3rd), I was very excited. We got our bags, met our guide for the trip, got onto our coach, etc. We started driving into London, which seemed to take forever. Then we made it to Hampton Court Palace, which was gorgeous! I wonder why someone honestly needs all of that space, but whatever floats your boat, King Henry VIII... After that we went back to the hotel and got to rest.

The next day we had a guide take us around the city of London. She was very knowledgeable and showed us a lot of things. I really enjoyed her tour because she pointed out a lot of things that were put into the Harry Potter films, like the Millennium Bridge (in Half-Blood Prince) and the Australia House, which served as the inside of Gringotts bank in Philosopher's Stone. Then we got to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. No spotting of Her Majesty though, because she was off doing things for her Diamond Jubilee. After that, we got to go to the Tower of London and see things such as the Crown Jewels (really ugly, if you ask me) and King Henry VIII's suit of armor, with a codpiece that you couldn't help but think that there had to be some exaggeration going on there! Afterwards, we got a little time to shop in the West End, and then we headed off to go see Wicked! This was my 2nd time seeing Wicked, and although I enjoyed it more my first time on Broadway, I still loved it just as much!

Then July 5th came, and it was our last day in England, which made me incredibly sad. We got to go on the London Eye, which offers some pretty amazing views of London. Then we did a little souvenir shopping, and  I got myself an Oxford University jacket, which is now my favorite jacket in the world! After that we got to meet a former Member of Parliament, who was incredibly kind, and had a great sense of humor. After that, we went to Covent Garden, which is a shopping center with souvenir type shops as well as with "normal stores" like Sunglass Hut and Build-A-Bear. We got a few hours there, so it was a nice leisurely time to shop. Then we headed to Portsmouth, England, where we had dinner and then boarded our ferry that took us to France overnight. It was almost like a cruise ship, but not nearly as nice, and the rooms were EVEN SMALLER! But it was an effective way of getting us across the English Channel.

I'll post my stories about France tomorrow or something... don't wan't to overload you guys and bore you, or anything like that!

My author: Cory Doctorow

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well I got married. It's been three weeks that I have had to put an R between the M and the S and also as my last initial. It has been a beautiful whirlwind.

Well no one posts here anymore and that makes me sad. What happened to my other gurrrls? Is anyone writing any more? Anyone reading? Anyone breathing? I'm still reading A Game of Thrones and have also started Seal Team Six which is totally out of my comfort zone but actually pretty entertaining.

Well it is still Summer and hot as a firecracker. Too hot for firecrackers actually...

Well I didn't have much to say but someone needed to post.


Author: Stephen King