Thursday, October 11, 2012


Whoa! What in the world is this?! Is this a post?! From Sydney?! Omg! Yes it is!

Let's see, since the last time I posted I have probably turned eighteen, graduated high school and now I'm at good old University of South Dakota. I've been busy busy busy. But, the great news is that I have started writing again. Yay! It's just a little bit here and there, but I'm so happy that I've gotten back into it because I've really missed it.

Let's see... I really can't think of much else to add to this. I may or may not have just decided to post this because Bailey told me to. :) Have a great day!!

Oh, PS: We missed Mandy's birthday a couple weeks ago.. So.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MANDY!!! :D

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