Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senior Year: Slightly Overrated (In My Opinion)

So it has been a few weeks since I have started my senior year of high school. College has started back up, we've had assignments due, things are really kicking up. But one thing I've noticed: there's nothing that's oh so spectacular about senior year. Sure, there are some perks, like my teachers letting us out of class up to an hour early because they don't have anything else planned for that day. But overall, I don't think my senior year has started off any different than any of my other years. But I am almost 100% positive that that will change!

Everyone I've ever talked to (okay maybe not everyone, but you get my point) has said that senior year was the best year of high school. So I take that partly as my reasoning for why it'll get better. The other part is going to be me and my friends trying lots of new things, probably getting into a little bit of trouble, and most importantly, having fun and making memories! So although things like finishing my college applications, applying for scholarships and grants, graduation, and leaving the place that for 18 years I've come to know as my home (even though I despise it here!) seem daunting, I know that with some help and support from my gurrrls and my friends, I can get through anything!

P.S. I am really going to try and keep posting things about my vacation, I just got really busy! Much love, XOXO

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